10 Dog Breeds Who Love The Snow

10 Dog Breeds Who Love The Snow10 Dog Breeds Who Love The Snow

Do you love the snow and want to be the pet owner of the one who feels the same? 

Are you in search of the fantastic dogs for whom winter is the most amazing time of the year?

Are you pondering over which dog breed to choose? 

Do not worry! In this article, you will get to know about the best winter dog breeds that don’t need to be dressed in winters and are happy to play with snowballs. Also, the dog breeds who love the snow are basically built for fun. 

Now, without any further discussion, let’s learn more about the top-notch list of dog breeds who adore roaming in the snow and are best for cold-weather climates. 

1-Tibetan Terrier

All the dogs of the Tibetan Terrier breed have the capability to withstand the extreme climate. Their round, large, and flat feet allow them to walk in heavy snow and act as snowshoes. Due to their protective and shaggy color coat, they can easily perform adventurous outdoor activities without feeling cold. These dogs are great companions and loyal friends that were raised in monasteries 2,000 years ago. Moreover, they also love to climb and require frequent grooming. 

2-Siberian Husky

These dogs originated from Siberia, Northeast Asia. These medium-sized dogs are graceful and used for dog sledding. Moreover, these dogs are family pets who help to keep the beds warm. But to keep these dogs healthy, they need regular exercise as it helps them to stay physically and mentally strong. Also, their distinct wolf-like appearance is graceful. The thick courts and close retention with Siberian Husky make them comfortable in cold weather. 

3-Old English Sheepdog

It is the largest breed of dogs found in England that are known for their shaggy coat. Their fur covers their eyes and face. To keep their fur from matting, you might have to spend extra time. Due to their long coat, they get overheated very quickly and feel happy while playing in the snow. You will find these dogs in the shade of black, grey, blue, grizzle, or blue merle with some white markings. Whenever you take old English sheepdog in snow, don’t forget to wipe them down as it might have to clean lots of puddles inside your home. 

4- Akita

This breed of dogs also loves the snow and mostly owned by the imperial family. The statue of these royal dogs is considered as the symbol of happiness, a long and healthy life. Their harsh outer coat and dense undercoat allow them to remain protected even in the winter season. Also, they love to play with kids and are human-friendly. So, If you are looking for a cold-weather hunting companion, then Akita is the only breed that is both independent and stubborn. 

5- Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute is another breed of dog that loves to play in the snow. Their tough paws and double coat keeps them warm and allows them to enjoy the snow. The dogs of this breed came from Alaska due to which they can easily handle the snowiest of days. Moreover, they are a terrific companion that also helps in moving light objects and perform polar adventures. 

Click here to know more about Alaskan Malamute. 

6- Anatolian Shepherd

Anatolian Shepherd dog breed is a mountain dog that is both rugged and tough, originated from Turkey. They are quite efficient in running down a predator with high speed and are also very protective. Their well-developed muscular shoulders, dense double coat, long tail, and strong head make the dogs a powerful livestock guardian. They always welcome strangers with whom their owner introduces and loves to play with them even in snow. 

7- Chow Chow 

It is one of the oldest dog breeds which is well known for its furry coat and black tongue. They are loyal, strong, and adorable. Their woolen coats keep them warm in cold temperatures, so you can use them even in snow. These dogs are originally from northern china that experiences heavy shedder in some months. So, if you are planning to have a dog of the chow-chow breed, then make sure you have brushes to maintain the cleanliness. 

8- Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is another dog breed who loves to play in the snow. They are calm, elegant, and are commonly known as the Mountain Dog. It is a reserved, well-independently, and strong-willed breed that protects its flock by barking. Also, their double coat and thick skin keep them warm and protective. Also, due to their thick coat, they can easily move out in frigid temperatures. Yes! They are your great snowy companions and affectionate. 

9- Keeshond

Keeshond is a medium-sized dog that originated in Holland. Earlier it was familiar with the name Dutch Barge Dog. Their thick, woolly, and double topcoat keep them warm and niche in winters. They feel happy to walk outside in the entire year. Their coat not only protects them from winters but also safeguards them from summers in winters. If we talk about their color patterns, then it will make you speechless. Also, it might need regular blushing, at least an hour a week. Thus, it is another dog who loves the cold weather. 

10- Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard is one of the most famous breeds, which is beloved, trouble-making, and super slobbery. They are very big canines named after Italian monk Bernard of Menthon. Their thick frame allows them to find their path in the snow without feeling cold easily. Also, they feel happy while walking in the snow with their owners. This breed is commonly seen in cartoons that have low energy but show their willingness to work. 

Usually, there are an unbelievable number of dog breeds that feel cold in the winter season. But, still, some dogs love to play in the snow. Hopefully, the above-listed dog breed will help you to choose the most friendly breed that can easily play all day in the snow. 

Still, having second thoughts? Feel free to ask in the section added below. Also, don’t forget to share your first experience while traveling in the snow with your furry friend. 


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