Dog Hair Care

A dog is one of the favorite pets that people love to have in their homes. Families that keep dogs, often treat them as a member of their family. A dog’s hair is an important factor that has to be given regular attention, as it enhances their beauty. A dog’s hair should be kept clean to avoid being infected with diseases. Different breeds of dogs have different texture, color and length of hair and have to be given appropriate attention accordingly.

Hair loss in dogs can occur for many reasons. A thorough veterinary examination is necessary to find the cause. Dogs lose hair because of excessive scratching, brittle hair that falls off and sometimes for no reason at all. There is also an endocrine gland disease that can account for hair loses in dogs.

Different breeds have different needs in terms of the number of times they require bathing and with what type of pet shampoo. If a dog spends a lot of time outdoors, chances are it will require more baths using a flea protection shampoo. A veterinarian-approved dog shampoo should be used because it reduces allergic reactions. The other requirements for dog hair care are mineral oil for hair massage, cotton balls to clean areas around eyes, washcloth or sponge and towels.

When a flea bites a dog, a small amount of saliva is injected into the skin, which prevents blood coagulation. A number of dogs become sensitized to this saliva. In highly allergic dogs, the bite of a flea can cause severe itching and scratching. Fleas cause the most common skin disease of dogs – flea allergy dermatitis.

After bathing a dog, tick powder should be evenly applied on the coat and brushed with a soft brush all over. It is essential that a pet dog be seen by a good veterinarian regularly to check the hair and skin, as well as receive necessary vaccinations.

Some breeds, especially longhair breeds, require more bathing than shorthair breeds like German Shepherds. Dogs with smooth coats generally require fewer baths. Too much bathing will remove vital oils from a dog’s coat, causing the skin to dry out. Unless the dog is dirty, regular grooming can reduce the number of bathes required.

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