How Big Do Toy Aussies Get?

How Big Do Toy Aussies Get?How Big Do Toy Aussies Get?

Toy Australian Shepherds, popularly known as Toy Aussies, are a beautiful and unique dog breed. Despite how great these dogs are like pets, it is crucial to know that they aren’t suitable for everyone.  

These dogs are a smaller version of Australian or German Shepherds. Toy Aussies are considerably smart and creative dogs with a puppy-like personality. These fluffy little creatures require significant attention from their owners.

Toy Australian Shepherds are active creatures, always willing, and eager to play or engage in physical activities. When left alone and idle for extended periods, they can indulge in destructive behaviors.

This article covers everything you need to know about Toy Australian Shepherds, starting from how big do Toy Aussies get.

How Big Do Toy Aussies Get?

Toy Australian Shepherd is the smallest version of the Aussie. If you’re wondering, “how big do Toy Aussies get?” then here is your answer.

Toy Aussies or Toy Australian Shepherds look pretty similar to standard Australian Shepherds. They are miniature size creatures, with their height ranging between 10 and 12 inches and their weight ranging between 12 and 17 pounds. Moreover, many Australian dog breeders suggest that 12 inches is the perfect height for this toy breed.  

What Is the Origin of the Toy Aussie?

A Toy Australian Shepherd, popularly known as the Toy Aussie, is a bred down version of an Australian Shepherd. Despite the assumption derived from its name, this dog breed was developed in North America. In 1849, the Australians traveled to America with their sheep herding dogs because of the California Gold Rush. Farmers bred these dogs, creating the breed of Australian Shepherds for cattle herding and other jobs.

Smaller versions of the Australian Shepherd were bred many years later in the 1960s. A Californian woman got various Australian Shepherds from the rodeo circuit, most of them being smaller than the average size of the breed. She then started a breeding program by collaborating with a local veterinarian to create smaller statures while preserving the temperament of a typical Australian Shepherd.

Hence, they began the journey of producing Miniature Australian Shepherds. From there on, various breeders continued to produce smaller versions of the dog until they had the famous Toy Australian Shepherd.

However, problems arose when many underlying deficiencies were noticed in the offspring of two Toy Aussies. For this purpose, many breeders shifted towards breeding Miniature Australian Shepherds with full-sized ones. However, this breeding process still didn’t give any uniform results until about 30 years ago.

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Why Is This Breed Named Toy Aussie?

As mentioned before, even though this breed didn’t originate in Australia, it still made its way there. The word ‘Aussie’ in its name is short for Australian Shepherd. The term ‘Toy’ is used by dog breeders to signify the size of a dog, especially when there are various sizes of dogs within the same type of breed.

The smallest dogs in the world are referred to as ‘Teacup’ because of their size. Moreover, dogs that are bigger than a Teacup are called ‘Toy.’ The ‘Miniature’ is the biggest amongst this class. However, despite its size, a Toy Aussie displays the same behavioral characteristics as a normal full-sized Australian Shepherd.

What Are the Physical Features of a Toy Aussies?

The Toy Aussie is a small dog; hence, it looks like a puppy. This cute little dog has various physical and general qualities that make it a good option for a pet.

Here are a few physical features of a Toy Aussie.

As mentioned before, Toy Australian Shepherds are a miniature dog breed that can grow 10 to 12 inches tall.

A fully-grown Toy Aussie can weigh anywhere between 12 and 17 pounds. Their weight typically depends on their size.

By now, you are aware of the size of a Toy Aussie and how similar it is to a standard Australian Shepherd. Now, let’s talk about their coat. Australian Shepherds and German Shepherds have the same coat, which can be wavy or straight. Moreover, their fur is typically of medium length and well, weather-resistant.

The coat of Toy Aussies is straightforward to maintain, as it requires minimal grooming. Moreover, even when they shed, they only require thorough combing and a bath when it is necessary.

This dog breed is available in various colors. The most popular colors that Toy Aussies are found in are red merle, black merle, and blue merle.

All dog breeds tend to have their significant markings, making them unique. A considerable number of Toy Aussies have white marking and tan points.

Their tails are typically natural bobtails or completely docked and require minimal grooming.

A tremendous physical feature that makes Toy Aussies stand out and enticing is their beautiful and enchanting blue-colored eyes.

Another cute physical aspect of Toy Aussies is some minor feathering of the hair at the back of their legs.

What Are Some Qualities of a Toy Aussie?

Toy Aussies are also known for their personality. With their exceptional qualities and traits, these super-cute creatures make for phenomenal pets.

Here are a few qualities of a Toy Australian Shepherd.

Not only does a Toy Australian Shepherd look like a puppy, but it also behaves like one! These incredibly cute dogs are confident and full of life. Moreover, they tend to be extremely affectionate and kind-hearted, making them the ideal companion for your other pets and children.

However, there is no denying that this dog breed requires a little extra attention and is considerably territorial by nature. Even though these pets tend to be a little shy around strangers, socialization at a  young age can reduce this behavior.

The Toy Aussie might be a comparatively smaller in size, but its instincts and nature are no different than a fully grown Australian or German shepherd. Toy Australian Shepherd is a brilliant dog breed with strong guardian and herding instincts. Their character and puppy-like nature make them an incredible companion.

Toy Australian Shepherds are typically very friendly and easy-going. This is why their owners, especially children, remarkably like them. They are pretty devoted towards protecting their owners, serving as their guardian angel. Moreover, this breed never displays any unwanted aggression. However, since Toy Aussies are incredibly protective, they require a considerable amount of attention from their owners.

This dog breed isn’t one that can be left and forgotten for an extended period. As its owner, you will have to make sure that you provide it with the love, attention, and care it requires. If you fail to give them enough time or physical activity, they can delve into some really destructive and potentially dangerous behavior. In addition to being a happy pet, Toy Aussies pretty much have the instinct to herd and may even herd their owners.

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How to Care for Your Toy Aussie?

Even though Toy Aussies don’t require much care, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.

Here are a few tips to consider when caring for your Toy Aussie.

A Toy Australian Shepherd requires a warm and peaceful place to relax. For your pet, you can invest in a good dog bed or build one out of a wooden box. Don’t forget to throw in some fluffy comforters and pillows. As your pet needs a lot of attention, avoid keeping it in a kennel by itself. Moreover, don’t forget to keep changing your pet’s bed frequently.

Toy Australian Shepherd puppies that are 8 to 12 weeks old require at least four bowls of food in a day. As your pup grows older and is somewhere between 3 to 6 months old, they need almost three meals a day.

Toy Aussies that are 6-12 months old need nearly 2 bowls of food daily. By the time your pet is all grown and hits its first birthday, 1 bowl of food a day will be sufficient. Fully-grown adult Toy Aussies prefer two light meals a day. As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to monitor and learn your furry pet’s eating tendencies.

The best food for your fully-grown Toy Aussie is high-quality dry dog food. This can be mixed with water, broth, and even canned food. Moreover, Toy Australian Shepherd dogs also love to eat cooked eggs, fruits, vegetables, and cottage cheese. However, these food items shouldn’t make up more than 10 percent of your dog’s regular diet.

The last thing to remember when feeding your pet is to cut down ‘table food.’ This can cause severe tooth and bone problems and vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Moreover, it can also lead to extremely picky food choices and obesity. Don’t forget to give your Toy Aussie fresh and clean water in clean dishes.

Toy Australian Shepherds are a massive fan of stimulation. Due to their excellent temperament, they make extremely friendly and loyal pets. As an owner, you just need to ensure that you provide them with proper exercise and social interaction.

Toy Aussies can get bored pretty easily. This is why it is imperative to keep these little creatures busy and far away from what they consider a ‘sedentary lifestyle.’ Toy Australian Shepherds love the freedom of going around rather than lounging on a couch or sleeping in a kennel all day long. To keep them mentally and physically stimulated, you can provide them with some playing toys!

Training Toy Aussies is not a very big challenge. This is mainly because these fluffy creatures are incredibly loyal and obedient. It is rather fun to train Toy Aussies due to their fast and easy learning capabilities. These fun-filled creatures are straightforward to please and adept at various sports and games such as fly ball and herding. The more you engage these fluffy creatures in agility competitions, the happier and content they will be.

However, the only minor problem is that your dog may start nipping on your heels, mainly due to their herding instinct. This can be avoided by initiating their training at an early stage. Make sure to use positive reinforcement while training your pet.

Toy Australian Shepherds or Toy Aussies are low maintenance pets. They require only minimal grooming, which means you have to brush them occasionally to keep them neat and tidy. This dog breed doesn’t shed as much as other breeds, hence creating little to no mess. Moreover, you only need to bathe these fluffy creatures when it is necessary. Additionally, Toy Aussies are also relatively easy to feed.

Toy Aussies are only high maintenance when it comes to physical activities. These tiny pets are very fond of exercising and energy-consuming chores. You can make your dog’s day by only taking it for a long walk at least once a day. However, to prevent your pet from engaging in mischievous behavior and keeping it happy, you must plan a vigorous exercise routine for it.

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What Are Some Health Concerns of Toy Aussies?

Here are a few facts about the health of Toy Aussies that you need to know.

To ensure that your Toy Aussie remains healthy, you need to take it to the vet for a complete exam every year. This includes giving it the required vaccinations and dealing with heart worms. Moreover, if these fluffy little creatures get hurt or sick, they should be immediately rushed to an animal clinic.

Many dog owners tend to neglect their Toy Aussie’s halitosis. However, the bad breath of your furry pet shouldn’t be taken lightly. Amongst other grooming activities, you need to ensure that you brush your canine’s teeth using dog toothpaste. If you don’t maintain its dental health, your Toy Aussie could lose its teeth.

Moreover, you should take it for a much-needed dental check-up to ensure that your pet isn’t suffering from any periodontal disease. Prolonged dental illnesses can result in various infections in your precious pet.

Gum disease might just be a single cause of bad breath in your Toy Aussie. If its bad breath remains persistent, you might have to get it checked for other diseases. While intestine or liver diseases cause foul breath, a consistently fruity smell might indicate diabetes. If your Toy Aussie has a weird breath, coupled with some other symptoms, such as weight loss, nausea, or depression, you should take it to the vet.

When the weather gets warmer, there is a high chance that your Toy Aussie may catch fleas. You need to conduct regular checks of your little pet to keep fleas at bay. Since flea and ticks can bother them a lot, you can use a fine-tooth comb to get rid of them.

This breed of dogs is also susceptible to heartworms. If they are persistently exposed to mosquitoes, Toy Aussies can easily catch heartworms. A vast majority of Toy Australian Shepherds suffer and die due to this parasite. You must ensure that your furry pet has a blood screening for this parasite every spring to prevent them from succumbing to this disease. If you feel like your Toy Aussie is suffering because of this parasite, it’s best to take it to the vet and get it the help it needs.

Female Toy Aussies should be spayed, which entails the removal of the ovaries and uterus. On the other hand, the male Toy Aussies are to be neutered, which involves the removal of the testes. Both of these are to be done before your pet turns six months old.

Spaying your female Toy Aussie reduces the chance of breast cancer and a diseased uterus. Moreover, neutering your male Toy Aussie eliminates the risk of testicular disease and also gets rid of certain types of aggression and hernias.

Parting Thoughts On How Big Do Toy Aussies Get

Now that you have read the entire article, you know the answer to the question “How Big Do Toy Aussies Get?”

To conclude, Toy Australian Shepherds are relatively similar to other German and Australian Shepherds. Their difference is their size. They stand out because of their puppy-like similarities and enchanting blue eyes.

Generally, this dog breed is amicable, loving, caring, and happy but also requires considerable attention. It loves to play around and engage in physical activities. The best thing about these dogs is that they are low maintenance.

Once you get a Toy Aussie, you can expect to have a loyal and caring partner for your family and yourself. Just remember to take care of your pet if you want it to thrive.


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