How CBD Oil For Dogs Can Help

How CBD Oil For Dogs Can HelpHow CBD Oil For Dogs Can Help

When you own a pet dog, you know that one of the most challenging moments is seeing your pet go through distress or pain. Like humans, dogs suffer ailments such as anxiety, cancer, arthritis, sleep problems, and even epilepsy. If your pet had gone through suffering that has left you feeling helpless, it’s time you considered using cannabidiol (CBD) oil for dogs to alleviate it. 

CBD oil is a compound that is extracted from hemp. It is popularly known for the therapeutic properties it contains and unlike marijuana, it is not psychoactive. For a long time, CBD oil has been used to ease pain, reduce anxiety, and lessen the frequency as well as the intensity of seizures. Though CBD oil has been used by people for a long time already, it is only recently that it has gained traction in its use on pets. 

There are several ways that  CBD oil can help your pet – here are the top five: 

Easing your Dog’s Pain

In humans, CBD oil works as a great pain killer without causing the typical “high”. The same applies to dogs. CBD oil for dogs has a calming effect that enables them to experience less pain, particularly if it is suffering from a painful condition like arthritis or cancer. 

Though there are no complete studies on how CBD oil helps dogs that have arthritis, it is highly possible that the oil benefits dogs in a similar way that it helps humans. As an anti-inflammatory agent, CBD oil is capable of easing the pain and calming swollen joints that are a result of arthritis in your pet.  

Inhibiting the Growth of Tumors

Based on information published on National Cancer Institute, there is evidence to show that cannabinoids have the ability to prevent the growth of tumors by blocking the growth of sick cells, causing sick them to die, and preventing the development of tumors in blood vessels. For pet owners whose dogs have developed cancer, this information offers a lot of hope. 

Administering CBD oil for dogs can go a long way in not just relieving the pain associated with cancer, but also in preventing the spread of cancer by inhibiting tumor growth. In addition, CBD oil can help your pet overcome uncomfortable nausea that comes with the administration of cancer treatment. 

Dealing with Skin Conditions

Your dog can develop different skin conditions as a result of food allergy, diet, changes in the environment, pests and pet dander. Skin allergies can cause your dog to lick, scratch and even chew on its skin consistently which causes injury to the skin. In most instances, veterinarians prescribe vaccines, anti-allergy medication, topical treatments, and corticosteroids. Though these medications provide relief to pets, CBD oil provides a more effective solution for your dog’s skin conditions. 

The external layer of the skin is dominated by ECS receptors. CBD is known to interact well with these receptors, making it possible to heal skin conditions effectively. Studies show that the fatty acids in the CBD oil enhance the number of fatty acids that the skin needs to stay healthy. If your pet is dealing with skin conditions of any kind, go to Holistapet and get CBD oil for dogs. 

Dealing with Anxiety

Dogs can experience anxiety for various reasons. Some major triggers of anxiety in dogs include visits to the vet, fireworks, separation, car rides and thunderstorms. In most instances, vets prescribe medications similar to those given to people to help dogs deal with them. 

Though these medications work well, they often have side effects on dogs. CBD oil for dogs, on the other hand, can be a great alternative to such medications when it comes to reducing anxiety in dogs. Studies show that CBD has anxiolytic effects that are as effective as those produced by anti-anxiety medication. 

In addition, the fact that CBD oil for dogs does not have serious side effects like anti-anxiety medications really makes it a better option for pets that are dealing with anxiety. Pet owners can add low doses of the oil in their food daily to calm them down. Dogs can also be given a dose of CBD oil before being exposed to situations that trigger anxiety such as car rides. 

Dealing with Glaucoma

Dog eyes work like those of humans. As such, dogs can develop glaucoma just like us. Glaucoma is an eye condition that develops when there is a build-up of pressure on the eye. Ultimately, the pressure damages the optic nerve – preventing the brain from receiving visual signals. 

While glaucoma does not have a cure, several treatments for draining excess fluid to reduce ocular pressure and pain exist. Studies show that CBD oil has the ability to reduce ocular pressure by up to 30%. If your dog is suffering from glaucoma, do not apply CBD oil on the eyes directly as this could cause more damage. Instead, have the pet ingest the oil in the form of treatment or in the food. 

It is important to note that it will take time before CBD oil can accumulate in a dog’s system. As such, give the oil consistently for several weeks or months to see improvements in the pet’s eyesight. 

Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a condition that develops when your dog does not have sufficient amounts of endocannabinoids. The condition causes discomfort in the abdomen and is characterized by gastrointestinal problems. 

If your dog is showing signs of IBS, consider giving it CBD oil for dogs. CBD oil helps in boosting the levels of endocannabinoids in your pet. By doing so, it alleviates the symptoms of IBS and helps your pet’s digestive system to function as it should. 

Bottom Line

Like human beings, dogs suffer from ailments that require proper care – CBD oil for dogs helps with this. CBD oil has gained popularity among pet owners and vets for its ability to treat different conditions that affect dogs. Unlike other medications, the oil is easy to administer in dogs – whether you are doing it in treatment form or in food. If your dog is suffering from any of the conditions discussed above, it’s time you considered giving it CBD oil for dogs.  


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