How to Fly with Your Dog (Post-Pandemic)

How to Fly with Your Dog (Post-Pandemic)How to Fly with Your Dog (Post-Pandemic)

In the midst of stay-home mandates, it’s only natural to plan for your next adventure. Luckily, you have plenty of time to plan how to bring along your best friend, a feat that seemed too complicated before now. Although there are some caveats to traveling with your furry friend, it’s doable. Plane travel with a pup may be a little unnerving now, but rest assured—dogs cannot get COVID-19, according to WHO. Follow these 3 tips for smooth sailing and an enjoyable first-flight-out. 

  1. Scan the Pet Policies: Airline allowances vary depending on dog size and breed, so phone your carrier before purchasing your flight ticket to ensure your dog will be on board versus carried in cargo. Note that there are requirements that every airline must follow concerning pet necessities are being met whilst flying. Make sure your pet carrier will follow the same requirements. 
  1. Check Your Pet’s Medical Records: Talk with your dog’s vet before booking any transport. Make sure your pet is in good enough health to accompany you both on the plane and in the destination. 
  1. Get the Gear: Flying with your pup may take additional gear you don’t already own, unless you’re a seasoned pet-paired traveler. Create a packing list like the one below, courtesy of ETIAS. Don’t forget the necessary documentation and visas if traveling out of the country. 

Your pet’s ability to fly is determined by the prep work! Make sure you’re aware of what to expect to bring your pooch on your next holiday. 


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