Purrfect in Every Way

2nd Place: Truman

Truman is an eight-year old Somali whose human mom, Samantha, has given him the ride of his life as he is the ultimate travel companion. He’s lived in Austin, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and recently moved to Boston. He doesn’t care where he lives and never has problems adjusting as long as he is with his Samantha. “Truman has been a very happy kitty, especially since quarantine. He has 24/7 access to me and couldn’t be happier. He likes to follow me wherever I go. A typical day for Truman means early morning breakfast greenies [his favorite treat], followed by a quick couple of laps around the house — making sure to run through a tunnel or two for good measure. Then, naptime. A few hours later, he wakes to make an appearance on a Zoom meeting or two, have a bite to eat, and then back for another nap.” Repeat that pattern for the late afternoon/evening and that’s Truman’s day-to-day.

It wasn’t hard to garner votes for this handsome ginger. “I tried to be creative with at least one new social media post and one Instagram story a day. Truman is very animated, so he makes for a really good subject.”

Truman’s mom would like to congratulate ALL the kitties in the contest. “Every single cat entered has at least one human that adores him/her and that’s the real prize. All pets are the best. They love unconditionally and deserve the same back from their people.” @smltlk

3rd Place: Charlie

Charlie is a sweet-faced 11-month-old Persian kitty who had a rough start to his life as he was not cared for by his breeders. “If I could offer anyone a helpful piece of advice — always do your homework on breeders before taking home a new part of your family,” advises his human, Kenneth.

Charlie is a lovable little man and, even though getting used to waking up early every morning has been an adjustment, his parents wouldn’t have it any other way. He is such a cuddle bug when he’s not jumping off the walls with energy.

“Charlie starts his day by kneading our faces. If that doesn’t wake us up, then he bites our noses and screams in our face to get up and feed him. Once he’s eaten, he takes full advantage of the fact that we’re home and comes for a cuddle. I’m sure that’s his favorite thing to do. He purrs and flops and gives us tons of kisses.”

4th Place: Benny

Benny is a joyful 3-yearold grey and white tabby whose charisma and love of life are infectious. He adores people and they love him back. Benny is a survivor of brutal animal abuse when he was a kitten, although his permanent neurological and physical injuries to his then tiny body currently don’t hold him back from living his best life — playing outside in the garden and napping on his mom, Beverly. Benny promotes awareness of the link between animal abuse and domestic violence. He has raised $1,000s for the rescue organization that helped save him, Helen Sanders Cat Protection and Welfare Society (CatPAWS), The City of Long Beach Animal Care Services, who saved his life and investigated his cruelty case, as well as for a local women’s shelter.

Benny’s favorite thing is visiting with friends and others. Whenever anyone comes to the house, or when he is on walks in his stroller, he always greets people with sniffs and kitty kisses (nose to their skin). This silly cat doesn’t let his past define him. @bennythecatsjustice

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