Purrific Photo Contest Winners

Check out our purrific pictures and photo contest winners!

Grand Prize Winner: Lynx

Category: Cat Nap

Lynx is a 6-month-old Savannah who enjoys going for walks on his leash, watching birds and playing. This talkative boy meows when he’s happy, excited, hungry and sometimes for no reason at all. Sweet and affectionate, he starts purring the instant someone touches him.

His human mom, Kathryn Luther, lives in Woburn, Massachusetts, where she works as a medical assistant. She adopted Lynx to help her deal with the loss of another pet and feels lucky to have him in her life. When not working, she enjoys photographing wildlife, taking Lynx for hikes and spending time with friends and family

Kathryn donates to several shelters and rescue organizations. Her favorite is Pittsburgh-based Steel City Adventure Cats, a rescue that does whatever it takes to save as many kittens and cats as possible.

She also shares her home with Jamie, a beautiful, 3-year-old, black cat adopted from a local shelter. Follow Lynx on Instagram @deez_nutz_cat.

Kathryn and her kitties will receive a year’s supply of Ultra Cat litter, one bag of cleanprotein kibble and 12 cans of cleanprotein paté from Dr. Elsey’s.

How did she capture this shot?

“Lynx was napping on the bed. He looked so sweet sleeping that I just had to capture the moment.”

2nd Place Winner: Thomas, Brenda & Theresa

Category: Friends Forever

Mora Pluchino and her family foster kittens, so their house can have anywhere from two to 15 kittens at any given time. Thomas (top), Brenda (middle) and Theresa (bottom) are three of a litter of seven, known as the Maze Runners. They were picked up with their mom after they were born in the shelter. Mom was a community cat who, while not aggressive toward humans, didn’t really love her stay with the Pluchinos. But her seven babies were very sweet and loving and have all found happy, forever homes.

Mora, who is a doctor of physical therapy, and her family started fostering kittens about two years ago as a way to help their community, fostering through Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center in Blackwood, New Jersey. They started with two kittens and have since fostered over 100. Their specialty is mothers with newborns and sick kittens who need medical support.

Foster kittens in the home are also supervised by Peach, an 11-year-old Golden Retriever. She helps socialize the kittens and teach them that dogs are nothing to be afraid of.

Follow Mora’s fostering adventures on Instagram @missmorap.

Mora and her kitten crew will receive a sixmonth supply of Ultra Cat Litter, one bag of cleanprotein kibble and six cans of cleanprotein paté from Dr. Elsey’s.

How did she capture this shot?

“I would frequently go into the kitten room to find any variation of the seven siblings in a cuddle puddle. These three looked so cute, and the sunlight was just right to capture the moment.”

3rd Place Winner: Baby Girl

Category: I Fits, I Sits

Four-year-old Baby Girl is a sweet and super-friendly kitty. No one is a stranger to her. She is very loyal and loving — she brings her human mama, Debbie Lepre, her toy bird every night at bedtime.

Debbie, a Louisiana-based certified infection control RN for over 30 years, originally planned to adopt one cat, but came home with a bonded pair of 1-yearold cats from a woman who does cat rescue. They were nice but not very friendly or cuddly. She called the rescue and was told, “I have just the cat for you!” When sweet, fluffy Baby Girl arrived, Debbie told the other cats, “We have a Baby Girl!”

Debbie appreciates the work of rescue groups. Her favorite is the nonprofit Metairie Kittens Adoption and Rescue.

While Debbie loves both cats and dogs, she currently shares her home with cats. She says all of her kids have paws. Other members of the family include felines Molly, Annie and Kitty — a feral cat who is slowly adjusting to life inside the house.

Debbie and her felines will receive a six-month supply of Ultra Cat Litter, one bag of cleanprotein kibble and six cans of cleanprotein paté from Dr. Elsey’s.

How did she capture this shot?

“Baby Girl is so curious and loves to check out anything new, so I took this photo to remember the moment.”

Brought to you by: Dr. Elsey’s

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